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What is DHA?


DHA is the most important Omega 3 fatty acid. It is a “good fat” that is essential to enhance memory, cognitive ability, as well as having cardiovascular benefits. Basically DHA is nature’s “antifreeze”. It keeps everything moving through our bodies. It is critical to the good health of every living being: humans, pets, farm animals, and fish. We all know how important good nutrition is to your pet’s well-being and vitality.  But not all DHA is equal!


Why PhytoSmart?

Field Phyto-Nutrients has developed a unique system to grow and harvest DHA from a special species of algae. We call the DHA we make PhytoSmart™ and it is inside every packet of SmartZYME™ pet treat condiment we produce. 


What is SmartZYME™?

 SmartZYME™ is a natural, nonGMO, whole cell vegan source of DHA that contains none of the toxic solvents  or harsh chemicals that you find in other available DHA products. And because we do not use heat in any part of our process SmartZYME™ is the only DHA product that is complete with active DHA enzymes that work to multiply the DHA in your pet’s body throughout their life. 


SmartZYME™ is an ingredient of good nutrition that mixes easily into wet or dry pet food. Among the benefits to your pet: ​

    improves overall nutrition, vitality, memory and cognition

    reduces inflammation

    helps alleviate skin disorders, respiratory disorders, arthritis, GI conditions

    increases stamina and immune function

    provides antioxidant protection against cancers