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Marine Algae for Nutrition/and ecosystem



We are passionate about marine algae, micro and macro algae based nutrition.  Macro algae includes multiple cell organisms as large as giant kelp that grow as tall as 30 feet long. While micro algae are single cell organisms.  They are the source of lots of wholesome, good nutrients that we know about and maybe even some that have yet to be discovered...


We grow these marine organisms in our specially designed bioreactors called SPAGS. We harvest them and remove the water to make our paste. We then dry the paste to make powder, so that we can extract the nutrients without the use of any harmful chemicals.  Our passion for natural, organic, non-GMO food is ingrained in our DNA.  We strive to produce only the purest products with no contaminants and no impurities.


We provide fish feed that is high in DHA, but our DHA, does not come from fish.  It comes from the bottom of the food chain, Marine Algae. It is the source of nutrients for all marine animals.  In the ocean, the whale sits at the top of the food-chain. Micro Algae, though  at the bottom, is the source of nutrition for all ocean dwellers.

Krill feed on Micro Algae.  That is why they are rich in DHA Omega 3 and are the major source of food for whales like the blue whales and hump back whales.  Continued large scale fishing of krill for their DHA content really upsets this ecosystem for whales.  It endangers whale survival. It is not sustainable.

Our mission is to make you smarter.  Providing DHA and DHA synthesis capability for you and and for every level of our food chain such as for farmed fish, and land animals most economically, sustainably, cleanly, and safely.