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SmartZYME™ DHA comes from the same source of nutrients that fish and krill eat to produce DHA; algae. There are hundreds of thousands of species of algae that are known to exist in the world oceans. Algae can be single cell organisms, like what we grow, called micro-algae or macro algae that can sometimes grow to 30’ long. We may know this type of algae as “seaweed”.  Even though algae is at the bottom of the food chain, it is the source of nutrition for all ocean dwellers and has more powerful DNA than fish, animals, or even humans. The species of algae that we grow, C. cohnii, is present in every corner of the oceans and is often found on the surface of kelp and other types of seaweed. It has the special coding in its DNA to produce DHA, the most important Omega 3 fatty acid, while fish, animals and even humans do not, but must eat foods that already contain DHA to acquire it.


That is why ocean fish and krill are the major source of DHA because they eat the same algae that we grow. But too much commercial fishing for this DHA upsets the ocean ecosystem, is susceptible to the effects of pollution and can be inconsistent quality. It is not sustainable. So we go straight to the nutrient source; the algae, to produce DHA that is cultured and harvested in a tightly controlled environment that houses our specially designed sterile growing system to bring you SmartZYME the highest quality DHA treat condiment for your pet; your special family member.