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 The Smart Source for Sustainable DHA

SmartZYME™ is a pet food treat condiment that mixes easily your pet's favorite food to enhance health, vitality, memory, and cognition!

Unprocessed, natural, pure, whole nutrition, with DHA producing enzymes intact to multiply its effectiveness

Provides a high level of DHA as a nutritional enhancement to high quality pet foods

SmartZYME™ paste 


For Happy, Healthy, Smart Dogs, Cats

Ready to mix condiment: SmartZYME™ Paste mixes easily into wet or dry pet food.


Sustainable: SmartZYME™ Paste is sustainably produced. Not susceptible to over-fishing, resource depletion, nor ocean borne contaminants. Our algae is carefully cultured and harvested under controlled conditions.


Food Chain: Fish and krill don’t produce DHA on their own. It comes from the algae they eat; the same kind of algae we grow for SmartZYME™.


No harsh chemicals: SmartZYME™ Paste is produced without  the toxic solvents or harsh chemicals that are used in other available DHA products.

PhytoSmart™ DHA is inside every packet of SmartZYME™

Active Enzymes: After ingestion, the DHA enzymes in SmartZYME ™ continue to produce DHA in your pet's body, multiplying its effectiveness


Wholesome nutrient: Non GMO, contains 60% protein, carbohydrates, as well as fat. It is whole nutrition. 

PhytoSmart™ DHA inside