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The metabolic enzymes in SmartZYME™ convert glucose to DHA laden good fats directly

DHA and other Omega 3 fatty acids are called "nature’s anti-freeze” because of their low melting temperature. Saturated fatty acids have higher melting temperature and many of them are solid at body temperature. It accumulates as solid in the body.  DHA is known to increase the body’s basal metabolic rate (BMR) that allows the body to burn more calories even at rest.  As you feed SmartZYME™ to your pet, the DHA producing metabolic enzymes in SmartZYME™  will work to convert glucose to DHA laden good fats that will replace the unhealthy saturated fats allowing them to flow out through your body without clogging and accumulating. So, DHA may overtime restore balance to the metabolism to reverse animal obesity, “metabolic syndrome”, “Cushing’s disease”, diabetes, circulatory problems, arthritis, cancer, etc. 

Such illnesses are becoming more prevalent in the pet population and mimic human illnesses. This is true because "we are what we eat".  Pets and humans generally eat diets that are produced by modern food processing technology.  Modern diets lack this critically important enzyme that is preserved in SmartZYME™..

SmartZYME™ is the superfood that preserves these unique DHA producing enzymes. No other product in the world contains active metabolic enzymes that will continue to multiply the amount of DHA in the body after consumption.

Obesity is not caused by what you feed them or how much. Its what’s missing.