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Tired of Supplements?

 If you are looking for a source of fresh, whole cell natural DHA nutrition that will constitutionally rebalance your pet's metabolism, SmartZYME™, the ultimate  supplement, is the answer for you!

SmartZYME™ Ingredients:

Golden Algae C. cohnii (Crypthecodinium cohnii), Salt, Water, Powdered Natural Mint.

Nutritional Contents: (per pack)

Protein (including DHA enzymes): 4840 mg Carbohydrates: 1290 mg, Fat: 580 mg, net DHA 230 mg: Sterile salt water as preservative,  natural Vitamin C added as antioxidant to protect DHA. The enzyme is documented to produce additional 100+mg/day pure free DHA continuously.

SmartZYME FishPackets