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SPAGS | Plastic Airlift Fermenter

Field Bio-Process (FBP) has designed the 500 liter Sterile Plastic Algal Growth System (SPAGS) and 20 liter CLAGS (Carboy Liner Algal Growth System); designed for laboratory research, specifically for us to grow heterotrophic algae. This system not only provides high oxygen transfer which is essential for heterotrophic algal growth, but allows sufficient light to penetrate to reach individual cells so that it is a very effective growth system for mixotrophic cultures as well. 


SPAGS is a plastic air lift fermenter without the mechanical stirrer which has a tendency to damage the cells as they grow. The gentle bubbling feature of SPAGS allows us to produce significantly higher biomass yield than from conventional bioreactors at a much lower cost. We use this system continuously in semi-batch operation. 

For large scale biomass production of PhytoSmartPaste as an additive to fish-meal free fish-feed, or to feed for farm animals, we can have FBP build a turn-key production plant solution for feed producers and farm owners.

To learn more about how SPAGS and CLAGS sterile operation can help you, click here.